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Denmark: Fusion ApS fined $81,700 for dictating prices

Christian Fernsby |
The court in Aalborg has sentenced the Danish manufacturer of sportswear, Fusion ApS, to pay a fine of DKK 500,000 ($81,700) for requiring a dealer to comply with minimum prices for the company's products.

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A senior employee has also been convicted of complicity in the violation.

Deputy Director of the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Bitten Thorgaard Sørensen, says: "Retailers must be able to set the price of the goods they sell themselves. When a manufacturer dictates minimum prices, it keeps the price of the products up and the effective competition is put out of force. It hurts consumers who may end up paying too much for their goods."

In the period from 14 September 2017 to 19 December 2017, Fusion ApS enforced the company's guide prices as minimum prices at a retailer that sold the company's clothing of the brand "Fusion". It is a violation of the Competition Act's ban on binding resale prices.

The court in Aalborg has sentenced Fusion ApS to pay a fine of DKK 500,000, and a senior employee from the company has been fined DKK 50,000.

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