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Kazakhstan suspends import of poultry products from Russia's Omsk

Christian Fernsby |
The Kazakh Agriculture Ministry decided on Friday to suspend the import of poultry products from Russia's Omsk region due to the bird flu outbreaks there.

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According to a statement by the ministry, the import ban has been imposed on all type of poultry products including meat and eggs as well as feed and feed additives for poultry.

The Tass News Agency reported that the outbreak of bird flu took place in the Omsk region on Aug. 12 when 500 birds were found dead.

As of Aug. 24, a total of 14 settlements of the region had reported bird flu cases while over 10,000 heads of poultry from 336 farms had been culled, including chickens, geese, ducks and pigeons. Quarantine measures have been adopted in the region.

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