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Sony China ordered to pay $1.3 million for stealing local patent

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The Chinese subsidiary of Japanese technological giant Sony has been ordered to pay $1.3 million to a local internet company for stealing a patent registered since 2005.

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The Beijing Intellectual Property Court on Wednesday ruled against Sony China for infringing Xidian Jietong's copyright of WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure (WAPI).

WAPI is a safety standard established in China in 2003 to ensure secure access to wireless networks, and applies to all mobile devices in the country.

Xidian Jietong, a wireless network communications company based in the northwestern city of Xi'an, patented its own WAPI system in 2005 which was copied by Sony, the Beijing court said in its ruling.

Sony China will compensate the company for the economic losses resulting from the patent infringement and will be forced to stop the production and sale of all mobile phones containing the technology.

The lawsuit was filed by Xidian Jietong in 2015, after negotiations between the two companies failed in 2009.

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