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Noritake tableware, to pass down to the new generation as an heirloom

September 24, 2022
Since 1904 Noritake makes unique luxury tableware with commitment to design that has not changed since its founding.

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Exquisite amber tableware from Russia

Poliform, kitchens for extraordinary homes

Tecnografica wallcoverings from the land of ceramic

September 17, 2022
Since 1992, the Italian company Tecnografica designs and produces the wallpapers and wallcoverings.

Poliform, kitchens for extraordinary homes

September 10, 2022
Poliform says their kitchens are for extraordinary homes. Coming from the region which is the birthplace of Italian furniture design, we can trust them.

Luxury vinyl tiles, ideal combination of everything

August 27, 2022
When talking about vinyl floor tiles the first thought will be "Oh, a relic from the past" and with a reason. But, times are changing and so is vinyl.

LED lamps, long-lasting light for every space in your home

August 20, 2022
With their long lifespan and low electricity consumption LED lamps are ideal experimenting with shapes and form. And designers do that for sure.

Clean and luxurious men's watches

August 13, 2022
When talking about luxurious watches, elaborate complications come to mind. But their simplicty sometimes speaks more powerfully.

Nobody's Child, everybody's favorite

July 30, 2022
Desingers of London-based Nobody's Child brand brought the art of mixing the vintage-inpired dressed with the modern look to perfection.

Freddy WR.UP, pants that hug you in all the right places

July 23, 2022
Italian Freddy WR.UP pants and trousers are designed to underline all woman's best shapes.

Stylishly luxurious house design

July 16, 2022
There are homes that prompt "That's extravagant!" at the first sight. They all share some common characteristics.

Great design ideas that might not work for you

July 9, 2022
If you are updating your home, there are some popular improvement ideas that might not work for you.
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