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Arclinea, the art of kitchen

Martha Taylor-Brown |
What do you get when you combine great food and great design? Great kitchens, of course. Meet Arlinea of Caldogno, Italy.

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Arclinea Italia is a professional kitchen for the home, perfect for home chefs who want to experience restaurant-style performance within their own four walls. Steel is the main player: tensile, hygienic and indestructible. All the layouts adhere to the same principle: generous worktops alongside spacious tall units with efficient, well-planned internal accessories, extended hobs, two separate washing areas, one for pots and pans and the other for food preparation.

Arclinea Beta enables versatile design of any kitchen, integrating with all the elements in the Arclinea Collection to make every single project unique. It features an integrated horizontal handle that runs the length of the door. With minimum design and totally practical, the Beta handle is a painted aluminium profile in a steel or black finish, or in the same finish as the door. Thanks to the construction flexibility of the door, available in two design options, the handle can be integrated in a horizontal or vertical position.

Arclinea Convivium with a built-in table is an organised kitchen where being together becomes something to share anew every day. Aromas in the kitchen tell of familiar tales or distant places, old recipes are handed down and new ones experimented and most importantly, everyone eats together around the big table. Convivium furnishes the walls of a room that becomes warm, welcoming and functional, with island-table in the centre and canopy shelves running round the whole room at picture rail height.

Arclinea Convivium with a built-in snack bar fetaures the island that integrates preparation and cooking with room for socialising and features a very slim worktop with recess and Convivium Elegant door in Vintage stainless steel. The finish is the result of a manual process that gives the steel a warmer look, perfect with the elegant soft fossil oak wood of the snack bar table, the open unit, and built-in drawers. The same drawers are used in the functional wall of tall units behind the island.

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