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Bathroom shelving ideas for small spaces

Martha Taylor-Brown |
With so many different items needing to go in the bathroom space, shelves are always welcome, especially in smaller spaces.

One of the best ways to take advantage of a relatively large bathroom space is that you can have open shelving. This is great when you want a practical shelving system that still offers enough space to place what you need on a regular basis. Open shelves work due to how well they expand the room, particularly when the bathroom is a bit on the smaller side. It is especially convenient if you have a large counterspace which lefts small space near it so you have to use everything you have.

Whatever you do, baskets are always welcome. You can take recessed shelving to the next level with baskets in them. Besides having a recessed touch to your shelves, the baskets will bring it all together and your stuff will be inside safe and sound. You can use colorful baskets to brighten the room with bold shades or identical wicker baskets for something more modest and balanced. Whichever approach you choose, you can't go wrong with baskets in your bathroom.

If you have a lot to put away and you are lucky enough to have just a little more space on your disposal, you might want to consider a buffet style of buffet shelving. This particular style is always a good idea when you want to display towels, glass containers or many products. Additionally, it works when you want that unique feel that is still traditional and feels welcoming to the room. Having a buffet shelving not only saves you the trouble of having to find what you need in different areas of the home, but it allows you to get creative with your decor.

When in doubt consider tiles. That's an idea that always works and it works in any space and design you may have. Tiles wood works well because they allow you to have exactly what you need with a touch that fits the bathroom seamlessly. Use the same tiles throughout your tub and your shelves for that seamless touch that makes sense in the room. This idea works well when you already have an open floor plan as the tiles will work well effortlessly.

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