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Beautiful sofas and chairs for relaxing after hard day

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Designers never cease to amaze us with new ideas for old pieces of furniture, pieces with established forms and lines. But, we learn something new every day.

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Ribbon by Paola Lenti can be used as a sofa alternative in a living room or you can place it elsewhere in the house if you have space for it. They are quite versatile furnishings thanks to its minimalistic look that somehow at the same time looks very rich. Paola Lenti loves to create bright green furniture for home and outdoors that you can use in your contemporary home or garden. The best thing about the Ribbon is that it will fit into any room and can follow any design thanks to its perfect proportions.

With the Wittmann Hayon Workshop, a new style has been born: eclectic, exciting, Mediterranean-baroque and yet timeless. It was created by the playful collaboration between the hyper-creative Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon, and the Austrian manufacturer Wittmann. The collection embodies zest for life and confidence, just like its Viennese Modernism role models. And it is an ongoing, living process that gives rise to unique items of furniture for all areas of life.

Dramatically winged, these type of chairs bring a lot of flair to the interior. You cant tell is it a truly new design or some unusual mix of pilot chair, something from the waiting room and '70s metals - but it works. And it works perfectly. The shape of these Domingo chairs was obviously developed for the relaxation and the overal design is under heavy influence of some other times. Yes, the designer managed to create a piece that's modern today and will stay modern for many years to come.

The Bras by Artifort invites you to make yourself comfortable, and embraces you. Reclining and taking it easy, or sitting cosily in a corner, enjoy the relaxation and comfort offered by this beautiful, sleek sofa. One striking feature of the Bras is its unique armrests. It follows the natural form of your arm when gently resting on the armrest. After all, your arm doesn’t bend at a perfect right angle; it bends at different joints in an angular curve, just like the Bras armrest.

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