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Best colors to lift your small space to another level

Martha Taylor-Brown |
A rule of thumb: In a small space use white color. Good thing it's just a rule of thumb because you can be much more creative.

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Just because you have a smaller room doesn’t mean you need to stick to neutral colors. Blueberry blue is something that evokes word "royal" just like that. It’s bolder than a traditional navy blue yet it also has a bit of softness. This color is perfect for those that want to bring in a shade that will make a statement without completely taking away from everything the room has to offer. If you paint a smaller room, use dark shade and pair it with lighter décor to create the illusion of a bigger and more luxurious room.

What's royal but not blue? Red, of course. But let's not stick to pure red, it's better to use rust. Rust is the perfect in-between color, it’s not exactly red, but it’s not orange either. It’s one of those shades that will instantly make a statement without going overboard. The color will bring a bold twist that makes the room have a bold focal point. It is easier on the eye than deep red, not so aggressive as orange, yet it has the best qualities of them both.

"Dark? Don't put dark in it!" We all hear those words every time we mention a small space. It might seem contradicting, but darker shades work very well in a small rum and the reason is simple: they blur the lines within corners. They are creating a seamless feel that makes the room feel less cluttered and more open. You may keep the room with little to no décor or use many small details, it doesn't matter, darker color will hold it nicely. Your space will have a touch of great elegance no matter how small it is.

Not ready for a drastic change? Well, if we didn't manage to convince you, here is something brave, yet less drastic and still with a great effect. Use bright yellow for nice chairs. You don't have anything else yellow in the room? Well, that's the point: a nice, bright, yellow chairs will be such a great focal point that everyone will forget how small your space is. Having a contrast will instantly allow you to give the room a visual break where you need it most. It is a small change but it will look very brave and best of all you can change chairs easily whenever you want.

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