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Constant heartbeat

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Most of the world's best-known watch manufacturers are based in Switzerland. Meet the one based in Plan-les-Ouates, a suburb of Geneva. It also works for children benefits.

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The Swiss watch and clock industry appeared in Geneva in the middle of the 16th century. Between 16th and 18th century, skilled goldsmiths and enamellers made Geneva widely recognized as a jewellery centre. Craftsman's ably hands used to work with small and tiny parts and feeling for beauty soon proved to be a wining combination for Swiss watch industry. The smallest, the thinnest wristwatch in the world, the first wristwatch, the first quartz watch, the first water resistant wristwatch or the most expensive watch in the world, just name it. All that watches are remarkable Swiss watches. One look at it, and your heart will beat always for it.

Manufacture of Frederique Constant in Geneva proves that some Swiss watches really don't have an ordinary mechanism. Power and beauty of Frederique Constant watches lies under cover, in the shape of the heart. And that is not without a reason. At this moment in the world there are 5.5 million children on the waiting list for heart surgery and the list is growing every year. It is every child's right to be born and grow to be strong. But, it is not every child's destiny.

Dr. William M. Novick, paediatric cardiac surgeon from the University of Tennessee, Memphis, created international foundation in 1994 with a vision of a free surgery intervention on children heart. Foundation doctors and trained local doctors operated more than 4.000 children in more than twenty countries, from 1994 to today, all over the world. In Africa (104 children), on Middle East (219), in Asia (371), in Europe (1169) and more and more in North, Central and South America. The year 2008 just began and more children with congenital heart defects without medical options except urgent surgery wait for the help of the Foundation.

Double Heart Beat female line watches from Frederique Constant manufacture is intended to help children with heart defects. Profit from it goes to International Children's Heart Foundation. Their effort was rewarded in 2005 when the Horloges Magazine awarded The Heart Beat Manufacture with the "Watch of the Year Award" in the category up to 3.000 euros. So, if you plan to buy a new watch this year buy a Double Heart Beat and listen it ticking because inside of it ticks one child's heart, thanks to you.

You can also look after Highlife, Persuasion and Classics Collection, all remarkable and outstanding collections. Moonphase and Chronograph from Highlife collection have eight very elegant models. Persuasion Collection has a broad range of models and you will have trouble trying to decide which one is the best for you. Classics Collection offers eight models for any occasion. What ever your choice will be you can be sure that you're wearing Swiss quality made with love and precision. Live your passion in 2008 with Frederique Constant.

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