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Cook your chicken in a golden pot

Martha Taylor-Brown |
If you prefer to eat out more, consider to change your habit. We offer you dishes that will return you to kitchen and made a chef out of you.

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Fissler company, German market leader of cookware more than 160 years, produces outstanding luxury kitchen products. Many Fissler's innovations revolutionized the world of cooking and dinning offering its clients the most memorable moments. Elegant and functional, Fissler pots attract buyers thanks to its tasteful and catchy design (just to mention Genovis multi cook inset for aroma cooking in combination of cast aluminium and glass and stainless steel in black edition).

Fissler started a family business a long time ago, in 1845, in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, and until today the company is still family owned. German's precision and constant investment in development brought Fissler company numerous design prizes. Numerous patents and registered designs secured Fissler success in more than 60 countries worldwide. Fissler became the synonym for luxuries and unique products on the kitchen field and for century and a half the company enjoyed global reputation in the designing of precious stones and jewellery for their exclusive clients.

The luckiest one could visit special presentation of Fissler's unique pot decorated with gold and diamonds in Harrods, London, last year. This exclusive piece comes from "Original pro collection" by Fissler along with a high class jewellery box made of root wood. The diamond pot is based on a 28 centimetres saucepan, the handles on the lid and sides as well as the Fissler logo name are made from almost one kilogram of solid gold (750 yellow gold), studded with more than 200 diamonds varying sizes. Because of all that jewels and diamonds the pot is just a little bit heavier than your average aluminium pan which is surprising fact.

But, is the pot just one of magnificent but useless things or you are really allowed to cook in that diamond beauty? Fissler company decidedly claims yes. It can be used like any other saucepan in a assortment. Regardless of pot's price that range from 200,000 to 400,000 dollars, diamond pot already became the most wanted bridal gift in Great Britain. So, it is not a wonder that the name "probably the most precious pot in the world" follows the Fissler's pot.

If you are now in love with Fissler, take a look on its other collections like Intensa, Magic edition, Genovis, Black edition and Fiamma. There you will also find pots, pressure cookers, special pan for special uses and serving pans, roasters and woks and perfect quality Fissler kitchen accessories like knives.

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