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Cordivari - art that makes your days warmer

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When it comes to interior design, Italy is the place to go. But not all Italian companies are the same: If you want something really special to make your cold days warmer, take a look at Cordivari. They have what you need.

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What is more natural then a waterfall in a bathroom? Well, in this case the waterfall is available in polished and satin stainless steel. The Rio draws its inspiration from nature; its gentle shape reminds a beautiful waterfall. The movements of the radiator gives great energy sensations. Design tames the material, it's a thermal sculpture that let you feel true emotions. Sweet curves and harmonic waves of heating elements shows a strict relationship between appearance anatomy and logic of the object.

The Lola Gold piece can be thought of as a mathematical sinuous curve or an elegant gold wave. We, of course, prefer the more nature-based approach and in polished stainless steel version, Lola confirms that is a good choice. Its particular "mirror" finishing improve aesthetic value to every space, be it a classic or modern one. It's impossible not to be fascinated by the light games that come out from its shiny radiant creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Lola is available in satin version too.

Designed by the famous architect Luca Scacchetti, Stradivari is a unique and exclusive design radiator and its name is very well chose. It amazes for his elegant and fined shape. Its design is unique as it reminds the classical musical scores and at the same time it reminds us of a digital matrix, connecting the old and new world in the best possible way. You can use one piece but you can also stack several of the vertically or horizontally and make your own sculpture. Just let your imagination play with this extraordinary piece of heating art.

The Badge model was awarded the prestigious Design Plus ISH 2007 and Comfort & Design 2008 Award, and with a reason. That pieces in painted carbon steel, available in three different dimensions: two vertical and one horizontal, will fit nicely any space with an artistic touch. A clean design and concealed accessories make the Badge very welcome in minimalistic space where it will lift the mood to another level. And don't worry if you don't like it black, it is available in 88 colours and there certainly one just for you out there.

An attractive range of radiators with exclusive colour combinations is created by architect Mariano Moroni, but we prefer to call him an artist because his works are art in its purest form. Pieces in Frame Picture collections are available is several different colours and patterns, from monochromatic black and white to vivid and happy pop art designs. The impeccable finishes enhance the elegance and harmony of the colours and the palette is made with ecological epoxy-polyester powders with 90 gloss brightness.

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