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Dynamic Cartier’s Maillon, a watch you've never seen before

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Cartier did it again and in a most spectacular way: Maillon watch is a beautiful combination of a watch and a bracelet with a dynamic design taken to another level.

As much as we all would like to belong to avant-garde, not many of us have enough courage to take a step in that unorthodox direction. Thankfully, we doesn't have to be totally disconnected from the society to show our sense for style that's miles above usual. With just one detail that shines we can show style and good taste above all. Cartier’s Maillon watch is exactly that detail: high end, beautiful, the icon of style that shows that we belong to a "mind high society", brave to reach new heights.

The Maillon de Cartier is a precious timepiece, no doubt about that, but executed in a very unexpected way that makes it a great bracelet as much as a watch. Designed by the Cartier watchmaking studios, it is distinguished by a centerpiece chain link bracelet that plays on classic codes, whilst reinventing usual attitudes. The links are offset and aligned on the bias, moving in time with feminine elegance, while the hexagonal dial and beveled brancards complement this rhythmic geometry and open up new perspectives.

First and foremost a statement of style, the Maillon de Cartier is a staple of a woman who sees the world differently. This torsion creates new perspectives into which the watch’s dial blends. This design interpretation allows the case and links to intertwine in one graphic motion. Available in pink, yellow or white gold, or in a precious collection version with a choice of stones in blue lacquer and tsavorite or diamonds with black lacquer bevelled links, there certainly is a model of the Maillon de Cartier that will suit your personality.

The Maillon de Cartier has an unbelieavable dynamics thanks to its bracelet that flow through space, guiding our eyesight to follow it seamlessly. With the perfect size, gorgeously looking but not going into baroque too much, it is a perfect combination of a timeless piece veel connected to the modern world. The end result is a women's watch that functions for itself: with it, you don't need any other fashion detail. The Maillon de Cartier is so visually strong that it alone will lift your personality to fashion heights you haven't been before.

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