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Feng Shui, the Giemmegi way

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Italian company Giemmegi in cooperation with Studio Kappa designs kitchens according to the philosophy of Feng Shui for many years.

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According to Feng Shui, wood element expresses male, yang energy, and its colour is green. Sometimes it expresses female energy and then its colour is blue. Wood season is spring, its way is East and space in our house which belong to wood is - kitchen. Kitchen symbolically represents a source of our home well-being. Kitchen's cabinets and shelves, especially those ones where groceries are, absolutely must be made of wood. That's why it is very important how kitchen is equipped, designed and arranged.

Italian company Giemmegi design kitchens according to the philosophy of Feng Shui for many years. It is situated in a beautiful province Toscana where everything is green or blue. Giemmegi kitchens have modern shapes thanks to company's architect and designers. Giemmegi company works in cooperation with Studio Kappa and all elements are examined by Kappa before entering the prototype phase.

Master carpenters and top level professionals specialized in various working processes are the best warranty that the best materials and finishes will be used. One is sure, they don't save on shapes. So, let's look what they have to offer.

Giemmegi currently have eight kitchen lines. Those are three types of Americana line, Air Florence line, Iride, Round Program and Iride, Le Forme and Zen line. Sistema Americana line is a harmonic and sinusoidal shaped lacquered white or mocha coloured kitchen, very elegant and futuristic at the same time. Lots of drawers promise good organization and order. Americana line was built with comfort in mind. It is a line for spacious kitchen where you can live as well as eat.

The materials are natural and basic: wood, metal, and ceramics. It is also a modular kitchen, even though its flowing lines gives the impression of a custom made single-block kitchen. Colours are very evocative and strong but at the some time seminally and gleefully.

Americana Compact line is designed for small spaces, for one room apartment, second home or office. This cute mini-kitchen offers a fitted ventilated oven and dishwasher machine, a refrigerator located beneath the counter, a sink, electric hob, and hanging cupboard.

Air Florence line is a dynamic, modern and soft kitchen line. Its characteristics are possibility to combine flat and convex, horizontal and vertical doors. It is available in the lacquered standard Giemmegi colour, it has flat and convex doors, joints and side panels and in whitened oak (only for flat doors), and extractable base units.

Round Program & Iride model kitchen provoked a lot of our interest. This model of kitchen has elements which can be moved, and surface which can become larger surface with just one move. Cabinets are rounded, every element is soft-shaped and gives warm feeling. The cabinets of that line can be inserted in the model Iride, Zen and Air Florence.

Iride line at the first looks reminds us on early 70's. The elements are enhanced by polychrome effects and minimalist appearance. The characteristic elements of Iride are the laminated doors with wood-cut or with flat doors available in eight standard colours.

Le Forme line looks more traditionally, but rounded and curved shapes, bases and columns, glass wall units give a modern look. This line leaves impression of classical and romantic kitchen and it's suitable for those who want modern, but at the same time classic kitchen.

Zen kitchen is the kitchen for small spaces. It is a line where every element must be functional and where every inch must be used. This line has rotating doors, shelves on the inside and double-depth base unit.