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Foyer decor ideas that are just perfect

Martha Taylor-Brown |
A foyer, the space from the entrance to the rest of your home, is as a glimpse into what your home has to offer. It should be designed perfectly.

Rugs are key to any room due to their ability to create a clear break between two spaces and that stands true for your foyer. A rug allows you to add patterns and appeal to the foyer without thinking to much about other details because there are all kinds of rug colors and patterns that you can choose from. Maybe the best idea is to choose a rug with neutral colors but any color you like will work just as good.

One of everybody's favorite ideas to make a foyer nice is to add in seating. It makes the room more interesting and it is a functional addition to that, often unused, part of your home. So, what to choose? Grab anything that fits into your space and add small cushions in various colors and you are almost there. You just need to add some details in colors to add some life to it and you are done. Your foyer may become a place in your home you love most.

You do not need to have all kind of furniture in your foyer to make it personal. A piece or two will be just good enough and keeping it simple will make your life easier. It’s all about embracing what the room has to offer as a whole without having to overwhelm it with a number of pieces. You can add other elements and take out old ones if you want and you have a completely new foyer cheaply and fast. Nice and easy.

Make an art gallery in your foyer! OK, is doesn't have to be a gallery but a collection of pictures will be beautiful. You don't have be a specialist in art to make a collection, take pictures you like and hand them on the wall. Don't worry about their artistic value, just take what you want because the point is to make an environment you like and in which you feel good. You can't miss. Choose enough pictures to cover all wall, use bigger and smaller, and all dimensions and techniques and colors you like and enjoy.

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