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Hi-tech gold from Danish hands

Martha Taylor-Brown |
The word mega-yacht now has new dimension and more exclusivity, thanks to Danish hi-tech company Lantic.

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The Danish hi-tech manufacturer Lantic Systems Company, specialized in developing high end integrated entertainment systems, once again proves its motto: "When you already demand the best, nothing less will do". Well, maybe this is not exactly their motto but it's certainly the way they do things. They are satisfied only with the best and if some link misses they will find the way to substitute it - if it's necessary they will establish a new company.

The story like that happened in 1998 when Royal Denship company, a leader in super yacht design and production, decided to consolidate yachting systems on their world-class vessels. But, sometimes you can't do a job without problems, and sometimes where there's something missing the destiny will take care of it. Leadership in Royal Danish company were surprised by the fact that such system doesn't exist. Some half-part solutions didn't suit their policy, and Lantic Systems was born 1998.

Newborn child almost instantly proved its value and become quality developer of the ultimate integrated electronics system. This month the company presented their world's most expensive remote control. The remote was presented with pride at the worlds biggest marine equipment trade show METS 2007 Exhibition in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Marine equipment trade show in Amsterdam is probably the best place for that kind of item. Lovers of yachts and vessels equipment were pleasantly surprised when they saw Gold RC1.

Now, you can ignore that RC letters and number 1. Remember only the word Gold, because we are talking about remote control in pure gold for only 30.000 dollars. Now, you surely forgot the letters, the number and the gold word and remember only the price with plenty of zeros. Yes, 30.000 dollars. Good news is that Lantic Systems is ready to deliver Gold RC1 from December 2007, (of course, remember this code). It is interesting that Gold RC1 appears after the original RC1 from Lantic System, the hottest remote control on the market today.

First orders of Gold RC1 have already been received, and someone will have beautiful gold Christmas. The Gold is nicely designed but is also functional. It can control TV, video, DVD, music/CD, internet, e-mail, CCTV, burglary alarm, lights, curtains, air-conditioning and surveillance of navigation systems. Shortly, everything you can turn on or off. The word mega-yacht now has new dimension and more exclusivity, and thanks to Lantic. We found just one imperfection: To take a beer you must stand up. Maybe ingenious Danish can invent some remote to solve that problem?

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