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Let the light shine in your living room

Martha Taylor-Brown |
There is no such thing as too much light in your living room. In fact, you may do whatever you want, but if your room is dark and without natural light it will look small and univiting.

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Sea style, like Kate Marker Interior shows in an excellent way, is the first way to go if you want to have bright and open space. But don't settle for white walls: Cover them with white painted wood to get the rustic look, add to that classic sea blue-white chairs and wooden furniture and you're there. To make the picture absolutely complete, replace doors with wide French doors and you'll get all the light you can get.

Now, we just set the rule about wooden wall and now we will, as any good designer would do, break it. If you have white wall and don't want to enter renovation, play with furniture and colors. If you choose pieces with retro flair, from 60s or 70s, you just can't miss it. Those shapes are ideal to be followed with slightly psychedelic colors, like the design Ann Lowengart Interiors shows. You can always mix styles with no fear at all, just don't use darker shades.

If you think about bright look and colors at the same time, no matter the size of the room, you may go an unexpected way: Demolish your windows and replace it with doors, like in this example of Dineen Architecture + Design. If you do that, you can play with colors to your heart's desire. You may design a very elegant living room, a retro style or rural feel, whatever, double doors will bring enough light to make everything bright.

If you don't like doors - turn your walls into windows. If you take a closer look, you will see that luxury hotels and resorts have big windows all around very often. The same stands true for big wooden cabins and similar space, so if it works in a luxurious room, it sure will work in your home, won't it? It will most probably take some effort, time, and money, but the results will be stunning.

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