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Make your home office nice, cozy and enjoyable

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Work is work, some stress is always present, even when we work from home. Thanfully, we can embellish our home offices at will and create a nice, cozy space we will enjoy.

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There are two reasons you would keep it simple. First, most people don't have huge rooms they can dedicate to their home office. Second, for some, simplicity means productivity. So, you need just few things: a desk, a chair, and some storage space. Now, pair a table and chair with your room’s design to melt into the rest of your house and add some personal details to further blur that line between the house and the office. A minimal but engaging office will make your day brighter.

A nook as a home office? Yes, why not? A nook is one of the easiest ways of bringing more productivity to your home. Find this specific space by finding an area that is a bit away from the main focus of your home. Once you find this area you want to keep it as simple as possible by bringing in a chair, your laptop, and some details you need for work. Keep colors subdued and as close as possible to the rest of your room, but still make a distinction between "I work" and "I rest" parts of the room.

Yes, we know, we just said to keep colors subdued but if you are in a creative profession or just can't think without visual experiences, go wild! Vivid, warm color may give a boost to your creativity and they fit well to any space you may already have. Adding accessories that are bright and eye-catching can make any space engaging and fun to work in. A rule of thumb: there is no rule of thumb, bring in whatever you enjoy to see!

If you have a decent sized room and you want a more formal office, the path is clear: a bigger desk, your executive chair and two chairs in front of you. But how to avoid your office to be a boring, "I've seen that thousand times" office? Play with patterns. Remember, you are in your home, so there has to be a connection between home design and office design. Just one rug with interesting pattern will lift your home office to another level and if you dare to enter some patterned details, you will get a unique and well designed space to work.

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