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Moroccan shapes, the colors, the drama

Martha Taylor-Brown |
When we are thinking about tiles in interior design, the safest approach is to use a single color or well-known patterns. Go brave and bold and use rich and colorful Moroccan tiles and create stunning and vibrant interior you will like for many years to come.

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What's the first thing your guests see when they enter your house? Your hallway, of course. So, this is a perfect place to be bold and bravely use every color and pattern Moroccan style can offer. You will be surprised how totally different patterns can go nicely together. They won't create a psychedelic effect but one of the most interesting parts of your home. The good thing is that no matter what color you have in other rooms, you will definitively have it in the hallway and everything will be connected and will make sense.

In a modern space, one of the styles that will bring freshness and emphasize the best elements of your space is Moroccan style. Its distinguished characteristic is a beautiful blue color, frequently used on tiles. But give yourself time and take into account black and white patterns, and shades of grey. Their geometric shapes will give a vivid touch to your space, even there when you don't expect it - in a contemporary modern place for example.

When it is about the bathroom, one of the most natural spaces to put Moroccan tiles in, we can play simple: blue shades of sea will make things right. That's true but we can be braver than that. What's even better, you can put the tiles down on the floor and continue with classic furniture pieces. Use black and white colors as a base, choose whatever faucet style you want, and use Moroccan tiles to lift the look up to another, very visually interesting level.

But what's the room your guests - and you - love the most? It's the kitchen. In that space classic blue tiles for the backsplash is the way to go. We don't want to go crazy here, we want to keep the space warm, and to create a nice and cozy atmosphere full of smell of freshly home made food. So, go playful but stay a bit restrained to add that fresh touch of Morocco without disturbing other elements you have in that space. Moroccan style will add a jolly feeling to any design style and create a perfect inviting place for the whole family.

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