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Mix different styles, get wonderful living room

February 9, 2019
In order for a room to be timeless there have to be elements that create a seamless appeal while still being modern. One of the way to do that is to mix diferrent styles.

Floral design in a dining room

January 26, 2019
There are easy, not so expensive ways to create a stunning dining room space with a floral touch.

A touch of bohemian style for a bohemian soul

January 19, 2019
The bohemian style is one among top favorites, no matter what time we live in. Because of how it appears and feels, it is always welcome in our home.

Liven up your kitchen with colorful appliances

December 15, 2018
Bright, colorful appliances are making a huge comeback as they can brighten a dull kitchen or add a modern twist without requiring you to completely change up your space.

Color schemes you will like to try in your home, like, right now

December 8, 2018
It is time to revamp your home and bring in a touch of fall. The best way to do just that is to switch your color scheme for a more colorful one.

Radiators that convert your home into a design statement

November 17, 2018
Exciting designer radiators can add glamor and enhance the look of your home. Today you can find radiators that combine efficiency and functionality with a refreshing style.

Staircase decorating ideas for every home

October 27, 2018
Even though staircases are typically meant to get you around the home and that\'s it, they should never be overlooked as an opportunity to decorate with your own style.

Add a little bit of velvet to make your home chic and glamorous

October 20, 2018
What material can add color and romance, elegance and sophistication to your home? Well, many can but the king of them all in all its glory is velvet, never out of trend, always so intriguing.

Convert your backyard into an entertainment garden

October 13, 2018
A nice backard is a good thing to have to escape from a daily life. But to convert it into an entertainment garden for family and friends you need to add a touch here and there. We\'ll show you how.

Eclectic kitchens with firework of colors

September 29, 2018
Every kitchen should be nice and tidy and... and that rule may lead us very easily into boredom. Eclectic kitchens are the way to go: a firework of colors, shapes and textures to make your cooking enjoyable.

Easy ways to make your seating area nice and warm

September 22, 2018
Not every living room needs to be full of furniture, and not every living room needs to be full of colors to be warm and inviting.

Eat-in kitchens with excellent use of space

September 15, 2018
There\'s no doubt you have some unused space in your kitchen. So, put it to good use and convert your space into an eat-in kitchen.
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