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Pietra, from the stone a bathtub was born

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Find a nice piece of marble, sculpt it wonderfully, enjoy. Pietra of England makes a complicated stone making skills almost that easy.

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Appearing understated and refined on the outside, the Muse, boats a generous bathing space perfectly designed for two. With its quiet symmetry, smooth finish and robust independence, the marble bath makes an admirable choice for a prestigious space such as your bathroom. Celebrating a classic material quarried from the Alps of Italy, each piece is charmingly embellished with intricate pearl grey veins. Externally the bath is honed, leaving the surface smooth, flat and consistent, whilst within its interior the marble is highly polished.

Panda marble originates from China with a unique surface and a vast crisp white background accompanied by broad weaving of contrasting swathes. Every so often, conditional to each independent marble block, moments of heritage green and occasions of tanned almond hues are revealed. Due to the organic formation of marble, the proportion and arrangement of veining can range from intense heavily concentrated areas, to sparse pure white with less dense black markings. This bath boasts is solid and will serve your for years to come.

Extracted from the province of Isfahan in Iran, this bath is formed from a single block of velour Pietra grey marble. Grey by name, Pietra’s tone is a secret seduction. Consisting of a smoked base, bronzed hazelnut undertones saturate its body whilst striking white veins pierce throughout. Individually crafted from a single block, the Pietra Grey provides the perfect mix of timeless design and irresistible comfort. Externally the bath is honed, leaving the surface velvety smooth while its interior the marble is highly polished for ease of cleaning.

Arabescato marble is a stone extracted from the north of Italy with superlative quality finish. Gunmetal grey waves wander its crisp white surface. Every so often, conditional to each independent marble block, moments of inky black, mulberry hues and delicate pools of caramel tones are revealed. Enhanced with wonderful interlacing weaves of grey, the dynamic markings bring both texture and depth to the breathing piece Pietra built for your.

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