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Slim Jim Idrocompresso, espresso machine for true fans

Martha Taylor Brown |
Kees van der Westen has been producing cutting edge espresso machines for over 20 years near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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The beauty of Kees machines are exceptional thermal stability and beautiful design. The Slim Jim model is offered in a wide array of appearances. Everybody can now have their own bespoke machine customeized, be it the espresso bar owner or someone who loves a fantastic coffee at home. One may choose between many different, visually defining parts like legs, front panels, side panels, cup rails, colours, awnings, colour of knobs, handles, groups, etc. All parts are interchangeable.

The new Slim Jim Idrocompresso offers a multiple boiler system: one boiler per group, PID temperature controlled, each fed with water preheated to near target temperature by a huge thermo loop heat-exchanger, equipped with automatic temperature adjusting. The lever group cylinder is completely surrounded by the hot water that will be used to brew. Temperature stability is magnificent. There’s a fully new locking mechanism in place. This new locking mechanism virtually eliminates the danger of a bouncing lever.

So, the old lever group’s inherent danger to hit the barista, when accidentally bouncing up, is now history. Especially for the Slim Jim Idrocompresso they developed a system with tools to fine tune the spring pressure. This allows the barista to even out the extraction pressure between the groups. Next to the big lever, there’s an additional small lever next to each group to purge and clean the group screen. No need to pull the big lever anymore. This same small lever can also stop extraction at any time. The group lever will then quietly return to its resting position.

There’s a shot-timer that starts and stops automatically with every pull. The pressure gauge shows the actual pressure. When infusion is completed and the lever is unlocked, it travels back to its resting position at the rate of the extraction. Next to the obviously important theatrics, this provides the barista a clear view on how extraction is developing, even from some distance. Pricing depends on do you want it customized or not but be ready to sell a small car to buy it. It's worth it.

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