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Small outdoor space, big outdoor feelings

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Small outodoor space is one those things you're happy to have but you don't really know what to with it. It's big enough to be useful, but too small for some serious design. Wait, nothing is not too small for serious design.

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One of the many things you may do when decorating the outdoor space is to play with colors. However, you must be careful because nature is already full of colors so you don't want to go too far. On the other hand, a small outdoor space needs just an element or two, otherwise you are in danger of creating a mix of colors and shapes that will blow your mind away. You can get an outdoor rug with a bold color or pattern and stop there. Its size should cover the large part of the outdoor space and you will have the feeling that the color is all around you.

Adding furniture to your small outdoor space is a must because without furniture it's not functional at all. Since the space is small, it's good to choose multifunctional furniture that will allow you to have fewer pieces but more seating and storage. You may choose a seating bench that has storage for storing items out the way or have a center table that doubles as a seating area. Regarding shape and texture, you may follow your interior design or go with something different but compatible.

A fire pit table is an excellent way to embellish your outdoor space. First, fire is always welcome and there's no person that doesn't enjoy its flames and warmth, especially in the evening. Second, you get a multifunctional double duty table. You can have a fire pit going whenever you want it and you can use the surroundings of the table to place your drinks or food on it. The shape and the size are totally on you because you can't go wrong with a fire table really.

Although it might not be your first idea, think about drapes. It logical: if the outdoor space is small indeed, the chance is your privacy is small too. So, drapes. It's easy to install, it's cheap, and you may choose any color, texture and pattern you like. In fact, it would be good to choose something completely different from your interior design to give a new meaning to your outdoor space, some colors and patterns that will connect your interior and nature around it.

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