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Swarovski you will adore

Martha Taylor-Brown |
What connects Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Lindsay Lohan? They all have at least one thing with Swarovski crystals.

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It seems that the entire world is enchanted by Swarovski crystals. Today you may find them almost everywhere: on a bottle of water, on candy boxes, on bathroom furniture, on USB sticks, in auto industry, and even on intimate jewels.

All things movable and immovable may be decorated this days with Swarovski crystals because those little shiny, sparkly crystals may sell absolutely everything. Brands use them to be more popular, the others use them to become a brand.

The story of Swarovski started in 1895, at the time when the first machine for precious stone production was constructed. Young Austrian Daniel Swarovski started family business of glass crystals finishing the same year and until today his name is the synonym for glamour and absolutely "must have" image. His "Swarovski Kristallwelten" (Swarovski crystal world) in Wattens, Austria, attracts many visitors who compare it with seven world wonders. He never dreamed even in his wildest dream that his love to crystals will one day be the love of a everyone.

To have a piece of your own it is not a necessary to visit a shop, auction or a market. Much easier way is to visit Crystal Icing LCC and bring them your own piece that you want to be covered with Swarovski crystals. Your mobile phone may be one of the kind when Crystal Icing's designers start to work on it.

Crystal Icing, the company from Rochester, New York, US, make unique pieces using Swarovski crystals. They started business in 2005, and in their short history they collected a long list of overjoyed clients. Names like Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan, Kimberly Stewart and Courtney Love are the names who gave they confidence to Crystal Icing. In their work Crystal Icing use high quality 100 percent Genuine Swarovski Crystal and almost not a single important event may be imagined without their little crystals. L'Oreal, Fusion Beauty, Superbowl XLI, the Oscars and Emmy's, famous Yahoo!, VH1 and MTV did not persist to glaring of Crystal Icing's crystals.

Individual customers around the world may order their unique piece just like famous companies or celebrity, because for Crystal Icing everyone is V.I.P. from the start to finish. Crystal Icing offer in their gallery a wide variety of past designs or a range of their pre-made products such as Crystal Icing faceplates, stickers and accessories. If you have a doubt will they want to work on your item, stop worry. From laptops, cameras, ear buds, guitars, pens to asthma inhalers, nothing is out of question, or almost nothing. When you talk with Icing designer, discus what size of crystal will work the best on your item just to know what you can expect. After you arrange everything, relax, your pleasure is their mission and you will adore every little pieces of your new toy.

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