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The most beautiful OLED TV in the world

Martha Taylor-Brown |
We've been waiting and waiting and now when Sony XEL-1 is here it's hard to write something without superlatives. But I'll try...

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OLED technology is with us for some time now. It started its career as small display on digital devices such as MP3 players, and the road to success was long. Sony obviously had a good ride, which can clearly be seen on its XEL-1. It is Sony's OLED TV, thick only 3 millimetres at its thinnest point (display), with superior design. OLED technology is shown here at its best: Layer of light-emitting diodes is several hundred nanometers thick and since OLED is light emitting-technology there's no need for backlight, hence the 3 mm.

Light-emitting technology brings another advantage: OLED can cut-down all light so black is true black, without any signal, so it is possible to achieve the unbelievable contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. (Comparing that black and that contrast... It's hard not to smash my old LCD with a hammer...)

Sony incorporated its "Super Top Emission" technology that allows high brightness with great colors, even in dark tonal range. Maybe I'm little biased because of my prepress and design background, but I do hate when whole range of dark colors looks the same, like something that came out of washer. Fortunately, XEL-1 can reproduce colors very accurate and you'll enjoy the dark passages with an array of hues and saturations.

The nature of OLED, like fast switching and low power consumption, I won't mention, it's understandable. Sony's design is simple, black and minimalist, but very effective. Side arm is built of aluminium, the rear panel combines black and mirror-like metal surfaces, the body is slim, and remote controller is very stylish.

All said and done, it is a great device. I wait to see larger models, about 20-inch, that will be fantastic. I know in advance.

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