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Totally unusual and totally beautiful kitchen islands

Martha Taylor-Brown |
It's not a big deal to install a kitchen island: all we need are a few legs, a huge board on top, and that's it. But that square, boring object in the middle of your kitchen can be both functional and beautiful.

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The Flying Kitchen from Unikat is for those of you who can't decide do you love more modern design or an old country style. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. This futuristic design from Germany emphasizes beauty of wood wrapped in sleek stainless steel for a statement that says "check me out, I'm best of oposite looks". If you love extremely modern design but also a flair of nature in your home, this is the kitchen island for you.

Really, why a kitchen island should be rounded? Indeed, there are homes with huge kitchens, rounded kitchen for that matter, so when you put a huge squared box in the middle of it it's like a punch in the eye. The point of every design is to connect things together, so think about a rounded kitchen island. It will be functional, it will look lovely, and it could be unique.

We know that many among you love DIY and think about making a kitchen island with your own hands. It seems complicated but if you cut it down to basic functionality, you will see it is not. To make a kitchen island yourself you need just two things: four legs and one board. The best part is that you can recyle and make it for free. Of course, if you don't opt for marble for the top, but essentially you can make it easily, man or woman, experienced or not, it's a matter of few nails and that's it.

And for the end, something totally unusual. Again, if you think about functionality, what is a kitchen island? It is a storage space first and foremost, and that led us to the idea that you can use any kind of classic storage space from other rooms for it. For example - a classic drawer from your bedroom you wanted to throw away because it's old. Instead of dumping it, put it in the kitchen, a piece of marble on top of it and you have a beautiful and unique kitchen island.

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