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Air France-KLM revenues amounted to 6,695 million euros

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The board of Air France-KLM met to examine the accounts for the third quarter of 2014. Q3 activity was strongly affected by 14 days of strike by Air France pilots, which had an estimated negative impact of 330 million euros on the operating result.

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Total revenues were reduced by an estimated 416 million euros, partly offset by 86 million euros of net savings on costs. The strike led to the cancellation of an estimated 4,249 million ASKs (18% of September ASKs) and 213 million ATKs (16% of September ATKs) resulting in an equivalent cancellation of 4.75 billion EASKs (Equivalent Available Seat Kilometer).

Total revenues amounted to 6,695 million euros versus 7,175 million euros in 2013, down 6.7%, but up +0.2% on a constant currency basis and adjusted for the Air France pilot strike (“like-for-like”). Currencies had a negative 78 million euro impact on revenues. Operating costs were 1.3% lower year-on-year and 0.7% lower on a constant currency basis.

Ex-fuel, they increased by 0.7% and by 0.8% on a like-for-like basis. Unit cost per EASK 1 was reduced by 1.2%, on a constant currency, fuel price, pension expense and strike adjusted basis, against capacity measured in EASK up by 2.0%, corrected for the strike. The fuel bill amounted to 1,737 million euros, down 6.4%, but slightly up (+0.4%) on a constant currency and strike adjusted basis.

Total employee costs including temporary staff were down 1.6% to 1,871 million euros, and by 1.7% on a constant currency basis. On a constant pension expense and adjusted for the strike, they declined by 9 million euros. EBITDA amounted to 682 million euros, a decrease of 397 million euros. On a like-for-like basis, EBITDA decreased by 21 million euros.

The operating result stood at 247 million euros versus 641 million euros in 2013, a 394 million euro decrease. Like-for-like, the operating result decreased by 18 million euros. Currencies had a 47 million euro net negative impact on the Third Quarter operating result. The net result, group share stood at 100 million euros against 148 million euros a year ago.

It includes the non current result of the Amadeus transaction (187 million euros), mainly offset by the change in value of the fuel hedging portfolio (-172 million euros). On an adjusted basis 4, the net result, group share stood at 111 million euros against 372 million euros in Q3 2013, a 261 million euro decrease.

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