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Export of goods from Slovakia reached EUR 5,420 million

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In December, the total export of goods in Slovakia reached the value of EUR 5,420 million with a year-on-year increase by 6,2%. The total import of goods rose by 6,8% to EUR 5 539,7 million.

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The foreign trade balance was in deficit and amounted to EUR 119,8 million (by EUR 36,1 million higher than in December 2015).

Over the twelve months of 2016 compared with the corresponding period in 2015, the total exports of goods increased by 3,6% to EUR 70 118,4 million and the total imports by 3,1% to EUR 66 387,1 million.

The foreign trade balance was in surplus in the amount of EUR 3 731,3 million (by EUR 412,1 million higher than in the same period in 2015).

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