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Greek investment and exports to Romania increasing

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More than 6,500 Greek companies are active in Romania, with the value of Greek investments reaching 4 billion euros.

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According to the annual report on the development of economic and trade relations between Greece and Romania, prepared by the Embassy's Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs, in the year 2016, 300 new Greek companies have started operating in Romania.

Greek investments cover a wide range of economic activities and are particularly visible in the food and beverage production sector, the banking sector, wholesale and retail trade, etc.

Also, exports of Greek products to Romania have grown by 4.81%, and bilateral trade, excluding petroleum products, showed a trade surplus for Greece of 135,750,000 euros.

The increase in Greek exports is mainly due to the rise in the volume of shipments of products such as tobacco, canned fruit and vegetables, footwear, air conditioners and toys.

An important share of Greek exports also corresponds to fruits, whose exports have increased.

In particular, citrus fruit exports rose by 28,42% in 2016; those of apricots, cherries and peaches increased by 34,88%, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries recorded a 2.78% growth, banana exports grew by 32,79% and grapes recorded the highest increase, 55.58%.

Moreover, Romania is the world's first market for Greek fruit, with about 220,000 tonnes.

A notable increase, of 46.58%, was also recorded for cucumbers and gherkins, both fresh and preserved, and pickled vegetables recorded a 17.34% growth.

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