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Netherlands saw one quarter more exporters to U.S. in 2018

Christian Fernsby |
In 2018, more than 8.9 thousand companies in the Netherlands exported goods to the United States, i.e. over one-quarter more than in 2015.

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This is a higher increase than the growth in number of exporters, which amounted to 10 percent on three years previously.

These are new figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) which have been published in a new fact sheet on international trade.

In 2018, the entire private sector consisted of 1.2 million companies.

Nearly 10 percent of these companies pursue export activities.

This survey only includes companies whose goods exports amounted to more than 5 thousand euros over a one-year period.

In 2018, this concerned 67.5 thousand companies.

Of the more than 8.9 thousand companies exporting to the United States, 70 percent were active in trade, manufacturing or construction.

In 2018, there were over 40 percent more companies in business services engaging in goods exports to the US compared to 2015.

Exporting companies may have multiple export destinations. In most cases, their export activities take place within European borders. Fourteen out of the fifteen largest trading partners are European countries. The only non-European country is the United States, ranking 13th.

There are more companies exporting to Luxembourg than to China, which ranks 27th in terms of number of exporters. Taking into account the value of goods exports, China ranks 9th and Luxembourg 39th.

Approximately 42 thousand companies exported to Belgium last year. Two-thirds of the companies with exports to Belgium have fewer than ten employees. Almost two-thirds of export activities with Belgium concern wholesale and retail trade activities. Manufacturing and construction account for one-quarter of exports.

The number of companies with exports to Germany stands at 38 thousand. This represents 56 percent of the total number of exporters.

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