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Primary energy resources in Romania increased 2.4%

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The main primary energy resources during January 1 – November 30, 2015 amounted to 30061.5 thousand tonnes oil equivalent (toe), increasing with 709.1 thousand toe as against the same period in 2014.

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Domestic production amounted to 20148.7 thousand toe, increasing with 115.5 thousand toe as against the same period of previous year, while imports amounted to 9912.8 thousand toe.

During this period, electric energy resources amounted to 63100.9 million KWh, increasing with 4828 million KWh (+8.3%) as compared to the corresponding period of 2014.

The thermal power stations production amounted to 25335.1 million KWh increasing with 1264.3 million KWh (+5.3%). The hydroelectric power stations production was 15420.6 million KWh decreasing with 1980.4 million kWh (-11.4%), while the one of nuclear power stations was 10600.2 million KWh decreasing with 85.8 million kWh (-0.8%).

The production of wind power stations was 6512.0 million KWh, increasing with 2369 million KWh, while photovoltaic solar energy produced during this period was 1914.1 million KWh, increasing with 655.8 million KWh as compared to the corresponding period of 2014.

The final consumption of electric energy during this period was 48075.8 million KWh, by 5.9% higher as against the corresponding period of 2014; public lighting increased by 35.7%, while population consumption increased by 4.3%.

The exports of electric energy amounted to 9479.4 million KWh increasing with 2323.3 million KWh. The own technological consumption in networks and stations amounted to 5545.7 million KWh decreasing with 178.3 million KWh.

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