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Slovakia: Turnover of most retail components exceeded pre-COVID level

Christian Fernsby |
Retail turnover in June 2021 rose for the fourth consecutive month, compensating for last year's drops and exceeding the pre-COVID turnover level (from June 2019) by almost a tenth.

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Turnover in passenger car sales has already exceeded the level of 2019. The accommodation providers also recorded a more significant turnover growth, however they still lagged behind June 2019 by more than a half.

In June 2021, retail turnover was higher by 6,6 % year-on-year, while the growth rate was slower than in the previous month. Currently, six of the 9 monitored components (retail activities) recorded year-on-year turnover growth.

However, these values ​​are affected by a low year-on-year comparable basis. Compared to the pre-pandemic situation i.e. June 2019, this year's turnover was higher by 9,2 %.

Of other components of internal trade, turnover in sale and repair of motor vehicles rose by 18,2 % compared to the previous year, and it was higher by more than a tenth than in June two years ago. Wholesale turnover developed favorably, the growth in June was by 31,4 %.

Compared to the last year´s drops, turnover in accommodation rose by 14,3 %, but it is still below the level of two years ago.

Turnover in restaurants and beverage service activities increased year-on-year for the third consecutive month, in June it was higher by 1,7 %, it exceeded with its volume the level of June 2019 for the first time after several months (by almost 6 %).

In a month-on-month comparison, turnover in June 2021 rose in all main activities of internal trade, with the exception of sale and repair of motor vehicles.

The most significant turnover growth was recorded in restaurants and beverage services (by 34,6 %) and in accommodation (by 28 %). Month-on-month, turnover was higher also in wholesale by 3,5 % and in retail trade by 0,5 %. The decrease in sale and repair of motor vehicles reached 3,1 %.

In summary, in the six months of 2021, turnover in the sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles increased by 20,6 %, and it also increased in wholesale by 15,5 %.

Compared to the corresponding period last year, retail turnover decreased by 0,2 %. The turnover drop in accommodation was at the level of 56,6 %, turnover in restaurants and beverage service activities reached three quarters of the last year´s turnover volume (a decrease by 25,8 %).

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