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POST uses time-based advertising model.

That means that your ad is visible on its position to all users during the advertising period. No hassle, no complicated calculations: the ad is visible every time a page is opened.

Lite Edition

Pricing is for an advertisement for one week.

Top ad above the website $280

Ad in the section opening $120

Sponsor 24h, below the menu $125

Ad below the main story on the front page $100

Section sponsorship, ad below the menu visible on all section pages and articles $250

Topic sponsorship $200 (one chosen topic)

Ad in the article $80

Ad below articles in the chosen section $30

Dimensions for all ads: 320px x 100px

For all technical and other details, please contact us.

Histerius cannot guarantee future visits and cannot be held liable for any server-related issues that may results in downtime. Histerius reserves the right to reject any defamatory or sexually explicit advertisement.

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