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Bulgarian immunologist Chorbanov has some serious questions about coronavirus vaccines

Christian Fernsby |
There have been critical opinions concerning the coronavirus vaccines but I can't agree with them.

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"When commenting on such an important topic as coronavirus, there can be no improvisations.

"We need to listen to scientists first and foremost because most base their reports on very serious data and we need to take into account global research and global trends, Prof. Dr. Andrey Chorbanov, Director of the Department of Immunology in the Institute of Microbiology the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences said for "Face to Face" talk show on bTV.

“Like all people, I fear the virus too it would be unreasonable not to be afraid.

2If I'd known the way I could protect myself, I wouldn't have been so afraid.

"But we should chose a rational approach rather than emotional.

"People prefer one opinion and they find eccentric everything different from their own stand,” the immunologist added.

Panic and stress severely affect the immune system.

The immune system has one optimum level, but raising it to higher levels will not lead to better immunity as the immune system works within one normal range, he explained.

According to Prof. Chorbanov antibodies do not cure the Coronavirus, on the contrary they can even be its conductor.

Antibodies have a negative impact.

Enough with these antibodies, they can be a conduit for the virus, he warned.

With regard to coronavirus vaccines, the immunologist has shared some worrying information: “Basically, I'll never say vaccines are bad.

"All these vaccines developed by the world's pharmaceutical companies may be good, but we can't know for sure because of the way the clinical trials were conducted.

"Personally, I'm worried about the short deadlines.

"Furthermore, there is no scientific data on these vaccines because they are validated only by protocols.

"None of the big companies have tested their product on the elderly, pregnant women or those with accompanying diseases.

"And all of this calls into question how objective everything is,”he commented.

Prof. "Chorbanov gave an example of the Ebola vaccine, which has been developed for five years.

"Can one thing come from the outside and be injected as vaccine? The procedure is quite lengthy, for the registration of one drug in Bulgaria several procedures are required.

A vaccine may be very helpful, but we don't know yet.

"The truth is that I worry about the elderly and the people with concurrent diseases," added Prof. Chorbanov.

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