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Florida and U.S. hit coronavirus records as citizens protest against masks

Christian Fernsby |
Florida shattered previous records for any state's biggest single day recording of new coronavirus cases on Sunday, announcing almost 15,300 new cases.

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The state added 15,299 cases of coronavirus to its constantly rising total, outpacing New York's previous daily record by more than 3,000.

Florida now has more than 269,000 total cases of the coronavirus, according to state's health department.

The news comes as the U.S. saw another record on Friday, surpassing 70,000 new coronavirus cases nationwide for the first time, and the World Health Organization announced a record increase in new coronavirus cases around the world on Sunday, with 230,370 new cases reported. The U.S., Brazil, India, and South Africa saw the largest spikes.

Many Americans still refuse to wear a mask, which health experts say help stop transmission of the virus that has killed more than 134,000 Americans.

More than 100 people at U.S. 1 and Southeast Monterrey Road in Sutart, Fl. for an anti-mask law protest Saturday morning. "I have the freedom to make choices for my body."

Anti-mask activists organized a protest on Saturday at a grilled cheese restaurant and bar in Windermere, Florida, which is in Orange County about 19 km from Walt Disney World.

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