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NEWLY REPORTED COVID-19 CASES IN LAST 24 HOURS (6.15.2021, 11:19am CEST, WHO):   U.S. 8,197    India 70,421    Brazil 37,948    France 2,850    Turkey 5,012    Russia 13,721    The United Kingdom 7,319    Italy 1,390    Argentina 13,043    Columbia 28,519    Iran 10,715    Mexico 1,707    Peru 2,566    Indonesia 8,189    South Africa 7,657    The Netherlands 1,066    Chile 6,190    Canada 1,120    Philippines 6,426    Iraq 5,040    Pakistan 1,019    Bangladesh 3,050    Japan 1,076    Malaysia 4,949    Nepal 2,049    United Arab Emirates 1,837    Saudi Arabia 1,109    Bolivia 1,607    Paraguay 1,786    Panama 1,573    Tunisia 1,316    Uruguay 2,043    Kuwait 1,563    Venezuela 1,377    Oman 1,806    Sri Lanka 2,284    Thailand 3,355    Cuba 1,349    Zambia 1,414    Afghanistan 1,814    Mongolia 2,263    Uganda 1,727    China 206    Singapore 25    New Zealand 1    Australia 14    South Korea 374   

UK records nearly 20,000 new coronavirus cases

Christian Fernsby |
Another 19,724 people in Britain have tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases in the country to 654,644, according to official figures released.

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The coronavirus-related deaths in Britain rose by 137 to 43,155, the data showed.

The latest figures came as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out a new three-level coronavirus alert system which took effect across England, with the level being decided according to local infection rates.

The alert system comprises three levels: "Medium", "High" and "Very High". The Liverpool City Region is placed in the "Very High" level which sees venues such as bars and pubs closed unless they can operate as restaurants, while people are also banned from socializing with other households.

Currently, most of England is placed in the first tier of the government's three-tier system, which means an alert level of "Medium".

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland is set to begin a four-week "circuit breaker" lockdown from Friday.

According to the government of Northern Ireland, among other restrictions, the hospitality sector in the region will be required to close apart from deliveries and takeaways for food, with the existing closing time of 11:00 p.m. BST (2200 GMT) remaining.

Johnson told MPs at parliament that he rules out nothing in the fight against coronavirus, but that he wants to "avoid the misery of another national lockdown".

"I rule out nothing, of course, in combating the virus but we're going to do it with the local, regional approach that can drive down and will drive down the virus if it is properly implemented," he said.

A paper by two of the government's leading scientific advisers shows that a "short, sharp" two-week lockdown in later October during the school half term break could prevent more than 7,000 deaths, the Sky News reported.

To bring life back to normal, countries, such as Britain, China, Russia and the United States are racing against time to develop coronavirus vaccines.

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