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NEWLY REPORTED COVID-19 CASES IN LAST 24 HOURS (6.11.2021, 1:23pm CEST, WHO):   U.S. 22,053    India 91,702    Brazil 85,748    France 5,358    Turkey 6,454    Russia 11,699    The United Kingdom 7,312    Italy 2,198    Argentina 29,757    Spain 2,162    Germany 3,187    Columbia 24,233    Iran 12,398    Mexico 3,855    Ukraine 1,785    Peru 3,270    Indonesia 8,892    South Africa 9,147    The Netherlands 1,791    Chile 7,708    Canada 1,388    Philippines 7,485    Iraq 4,684    Sweden 1,175    Pakistan 1,303    Bangladesh 2,576    Japan 2,112    Malaysia 5,671    Nepal 2,874    United Arab Emirates 2,190    Saudi Arabia 1,286    Bolivia 3,839    Paraguay 3,100    Tunisia 2,373    Costa Rica 2,187    Uruguay 3,427    Kuwait 1,709    Dominican Republic 1,141    Bahrain 1,034    Venezuela 1,464    Oman 1,640    Sri Lanka 2,738    Thailand 2,290    Cuba 1,158    Zambia 2,146    Afghanistan 1,824    Mongolia 1,460    Namibia 1,045    Uganda 1,438    China 290    Singapore 13    New Zealand 5    Australia 16    South Korea 556   

UK Wuhan coronavirus response: Virus can stay on handrails for 72 hours

Christian Fernsby |
The UK's response to Wuhan coronavirus has mainly moved to its second phase, the Chief Medical Officer for England declared today.

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Prof Chris Whitty said authorities are now chiefly in the "delay" rather than the "contain" phase of the outbreak, which causes Wuhan coronavirus.

He said officials are still trying to contain the 87 cases in the UK, but are working on the assumption it has got out of containment and there will be more cases confirmed today and in the coming days.

He added: "We need to be realistic … containing looks pretty optimistic."

Meanwhile he warned older people may be told to avoid crowded places; 1% of the infected could die; the virus can stay on handrails for 72 hours; and a vaccine could take a year.

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