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A bunch of grapes sold for more than $8,000 in Japan

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A bunch of ruby roman grapes nourished in Japan's Kanazawa city in Ishikawa Prefecture hit 1 million yen ($8,253) in the year's first auction held in a wholesale market in the central Japanese city.

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The record-high price surpassed last year's 550,000 million yen of such grapes. The top-priced bunch comprises 30 grapes and totally weighed about 700 grams, compared with an average weight of about 600 grams of the 31 bunches in the auction.

The special type of grapes was developed by the Ishikawa Prefecture in efforts to boost local farming, featuring with red skin and high sugar content of at least 18 percent. Some ruby roman grapes grow as large as golf ball, according to local report.

The 8,000-dollar grapes will be served as a dinner dessert, according to Japan's Kyodo News, citing Masayuki Hirai, the winner of the auction and the executive chef at a hotel in Kanazawa that bought the grapes via a wholesaler.

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