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Fukushima builds 'ice wall' to contain leaks

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Officials at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan have shown an underground wall of ice they are building to stop radioactive water from leaking from the facility.

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Tepco, the owner of the station, which is still crippled three years after an earthquake and tsunami set off nuclear meltdowns in the region, has been fighting a continuous battle to deal with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated water.

The utility company is planning to build a 1.4km underground wall of ice around four reactor buildings at Fukushima to prevent underground water from flowing in, and stop radioactive water seeping into the Pacific Ocean.

Experts have to flood the damaged reactors with huge amounts of water to keep them cool. That water then becomes radioactive. Tepco said it had already tested the technique at the site, but ran into trouble when it failed to cool the earth enough to freeze it.

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