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Love for gold starts in infancy

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Diamonds are a girl's best friend but not when she's very young: A study at the Chuo University shows that babies as young as seven to eight months showed preference to the color of gold.

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The results of the study were posted on Plos One, an online US scientific journal. The researchers, led by Masami Yamaguchi, a professor of cognitive psychology, compared the reaction of infants for different-colored objects displayed on a monitor.

They measured the attention span of two groups of infants, the first being five to six months old, while the second group had babies seven to eight months old. Yellow and green objects were the most looked at, but when they added glossiness to them, the infants from the second group showed a clear preference to the gold-colored objects because they looked at them longer. They found no difference in the reactions of the babies in the first group.

There have been researches before that showed babies can already recognize and differentiate colors when they reach four months. When they reach the seven to eight month periods, they can already see objects in three dimensions.

Yamaguchi said that there is no clear explanation yet as to why people like the color gold, aside from the fact that it represents money or riches for some.

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