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More than 6,400 earthquakes in Mexico this year

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The National Seismological Service says it has registered 6,455 earth tremors in Mexico so far this year, 920 of which exceeded 4 points on the Richter scale.

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The numbers are significantly higher than last year, when there were 5,026 in the first eight months. Thirteen measured more than 5.5 but the report did not say how many were over 4.

The state of Oaxaca is the earthquake hot spot this year, recording 30% of the total. Of the 1,954 tremors, 269 were four or above in intensity, about the same proportion as in the country as a whole.

In the last 200 years, there have been 75 earthquakes that were notable for having resulted in damages; 60 of those registered seven or more on the Richter scale.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the big Mexico City earthquake of 1985, which killed at least 10,000 people.

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