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New variety of Indian mango named after Russia

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International Mango Festival takes place every July in India and gathers mango plantation owners together. This is the last in the series of holidays dedicated to the 'King of all Fruit' in India.

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It is organized by Tourism and Transport Corporation in Talkatora stadium in Delhi.

The best fruit from all around India is to be brought there. Festival visitors can taste different varieties of mango, and take part in various competitions, children shows, quizzes, fruit-eating contests. New varieties are exhibited here; mango producers compete with each other.

Tarik Mustafa, a mango breeder, has surprised everyone this year with a new variety of mango that weighs 1 kilo. In his interview he said "Yesterday, this variety was with no name, but now it has one. I called it Hindi-Russi after Russia. May this fruit become another symbol of friendship between our countries."

It is to be reminded that a popular old saying "Hindi Russi Bhai Bhai" means "Indians and Russians are brothers".

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