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Mammography War

June 27, 2012
A lot has been said about benefits of mammography but there are more and more voices against it. After well-documented researches that lasted for years, MDs still can't agree is mammography a beneficial or harmful procedure. Where's the catch?

Hidden civilization under Persian Gulf

December 17, 2010
There are many theories about lost civilizations, some of them are promising and some are just wasting of time. However, a landmass submerged beneath the Persian Gulf discovers an unknown civilization 100,000 years old.

My God, it's full of stars

December 10, 2010
How many stars are in the sky? And how many Earths? We know the number is huge, but new and surprising research reveal that there are three times more stars than we thought. And every one of them can have a new Earth in its system.

It's good to be an attractive man

December 3, 2010
The beauty comes from the inside, right? Well, maybe it does but attractive men have a far greater chance to get the job than plain-looking ones, while for women the situation is quite opposite. Strange as it may seem, but it's true.

Looking through the Big Bang

November 26, 2010
We've been told that there was nothing before the Big Bang and now scientists have a way to see what came before. Is this a contradiction? No, it's just a brilliant stretch of imagination based on science.

Around the world in 40 milliseconds

November 19, 2010
Is there any connection between speed of light and stock exchange? Yes, there is, and it can affect world economy - and your salary - greatly.

What exploded in our galaxy?

November 12, 2010
Some 25,000 light-years north and south of the centre of our galaxy there is a structure never seen before. It spans more than half of the visible sky and its origin is - unknown.

Are we 50% older?

November 6, 2010
It is widely spread belief that humans leaved their relatives five million years ago and started their epic journey. However, new data suggest that that occurred eight million years ago and that human race is much older than previously thought.

Our home in space

October 29, 2010
Ten years ago the International Space Station became the first space object on which humans from Earth live and work. Now it is prepared to be our first step on the exciting journey to other worlds.

What's in the face?

October 22, 2010
If you are searching for a lawyer and find one with a human warmth, with the face you can trust - don't hire him. He will most probably lost your case.

Good food deserves good music

October 15, 2010
There's virtually nobody who will tell you that airline food is good but don't blame airline's chef: the problem is in you. It's simple: when you are eating surrounded with loud noise you can't sense the flavour.

How to invent everything

October 8, 2010
What do you do when you don't have material, don't have blueprints, there's nobody to help you and you must build a device that will fly to space? Well, you roll up your sleeves and invent - everything.
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