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The mystery of a lead coffin

April 2, 2010
What a half-ton coffin made of lead hides? Something radioactive, you might think, but this one is 1800 years old. Mystery? Oh yes, a big one.

Unrecognized human species discovered

March 26, 2010
Siberian cave revealed something absolutely unexpected - a new hominid of the unknown origin. Where did he came from, where did he go? We don't know.

A very promising extrasolar planet

March 19, 2010
CoRoT-9b is the first extrasolar planet similar to a planet in our solar system with temperatures similar to those on Earth.

Why the world won't end in 2012?

March 12, 2010
The Mayan calendar, Planet X, polar shift or a huge meteor - what will end the life on Earth in 2012? We are apologizing to the pessimists, but year 2012 will be the same as any other year in Earth's history.

To watch or to calculate?

March 5, 2010
Would you like to know will your favourite team win the next game? And what the result will be? Well, mathematics has the answer and it is surprising.

From Earth to Mars in 39 days

February 26, 2010
If Franklin Chang-Diaz dreams come true it will be possible to fly to Mars in just 39 days. That's a good news for NASA and for every aspiring space tourist.

Slower, lower, weaker

February 19, 2010
The central sporting event of the year is underway and every fan expect great results from Vancouver. However, don't expect world records, human kind can't go stronger, higher and faster.

Walking with ancestors

February 12, 2010
Frankenstein used a rather primitive method of combining body parts and electrical current. Modern scientist have a powerful technique at hand: genome. And they are thinking how to bring Neanderthals to life.

Scotch on the rocks. Literally.

February 5, 2010
A group of scientist was digging around on the Antarctic, hoping they will find something valuable. And they did - Scotch that was on the rocks for one hundred years. Cheers!

Mona Leonardo

January 29, 2010
The mystery of Mona Lisa lasts for centuries and every now and then a new theory about her identity sees the light of the day. The newest one: Leonardo made a self-portrait. For this one you need a lot of imagination.

Shoot that space station!

January 22, 2010
Scientists came to a brand new idea how to deliver the food and stuff to the International Space Station: they want to shoot it with a cannon. Sounds weird? It is. And they want 500 million dollars to build it...

Deceptive winning

January 15, 2010
Online poker is spreading like a highly contagious disease with thousands of "victims" every day. As strange as it may sound, the more hands the player wins, the more money he loses.
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