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Bye, bye 2008

December 31, 2008
That's the way we've been told, to cheer the new and forget the old!

How to help nature this holiday season

December 26, 2008
The scientists from Penn State's Office of Sustainability offers suggestions for saving energy this holiday season.

We need three laws of robotics

December 19, 2008
Robotics expert Professor Noel Sharkey, of the University of Sheffield, has called for international guidelines to be set for the safe application of robots before it is too late.

After 162 year a predicted planet seen

December 12, 2008
In 2006, astronomer Alice Quillen of the University of Rochester predicted that a planet of a particular size and orbit must lie within the dust of a nearby star.

How to destroy an asteroid

December 6, 2008
The chances of an asteroid hitting the Earth are very real and blowing up an asteroid in real life will be more complicated than in the movies.

Professor Radman's elixir of youth

November 29, 2008
Many alchemists and scientists have been trying to find the elixir of youth for centuries. Miroslav Radman's scientific team came very close to the Holy Grail of genetics.

How bleach kills bacteria

November 22, 2008
Developed more than 200 years ago and found in households around the world, chlorine bleach is among the most widely used disinfectants, yet scientists never have understood exactly how the familiar product kills bacteria.

Tequila turned into diamonds

November 7, 2008
Whoever thought that science was a dry subject might change their mind after learning about a new discovery in which tequila is turned into diamonds.

Birth of a new ocean

November 1, 2008
In a remote part of northern Ethiopia, the Earth’s crust is being stretched to breaking point, providing geologists with a unique opportunity to watch the birth of a new ocean.

Warm coffee, warm person

October 24, 2008
Our judgment of a person's character can be influenced by something as simple as the warmth of the drink we hold in our hand.

College team creating anti-cancer brew

October 18, 2008
College students often spend their free time thinking about beer, but some Rice University students are taking it to the next level. They're using genetic engineering to create beer that contains resveratrol, a chemical that's been shown to reduce cancer in lab animals.

Better proteine than morphine

October 11, 2008
More people suffer from pain, but many of the drugs used to relieve suffering are not completely effective or have harmful side effects.