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How our brain defines us as individual beings

September 10, 2010
When you are just sitting and doing nothing, what is your brain doing? What happens when you are wandering around, looking at nature and "resting your brain?" Well, it turned out that your brain is very busy defining yourself as an individual being.

Solar system like ours

September 3, 2010
Looking at that solar systems and not just at individual planet in the deep space, astronomers found the system very similar to ours. The evidence that we are not alone are stronger with every new discovery.

Water polo in the jungle

August 27, 2010
Imagine a pool in your backyard, as large as a football field and covered with the state of the art ceramic. A true sign of wealth, isn't it? Well, Mayan people, far from wealthy population, have had it in the middle of the jungle some 1,500 years ago.

O ye, of little faith! It's influenza!

August 20, 2010
How to get your paper published in a serious scientific magazine? It's easy: you just need to use a lot of words from scientific jargon. That's it. It will be published. You may even write that Jesus was an expert for influenza.

Print me some food

July 30, 2010
While all replicators are still in the Alpha Quadrant, two MIT students decided they won't wait for Captain Janeway: they made a food printer here on Earth.

The Moon is wet

July 23, 2010
We tend to think that there's nothing exciting on our closest space neighbour. However, after discovering water on the Moon, that rock that follows us is again "in".

The mystery of Tutankhamun

July 16, 2010
Legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun was on the throne for just ten years but his life is the source of many mysteries. Now, another scientist claims that he solved the mystery of his death.

A new Valley of Kings?

July 9, 2010
A double, 4,300 year old tomb, with colourfull paintings in Saqqara near Cairo is the new exciting discovery that could lead to more discoveries in that area.

The most complex molecule from the deep space

July 2, 2010
Take anthracene molecule, put in under ultraviolet radiation, add water and ammonia, and you'll get amino acids essential for the development of life. Well, there is a lot of anthracene in the deep space which means that complex organic molecules doesn't grow on Earth only.

The end of the human race?

June 25, 2010
Professor Frank Fenner who helped to destroy smallpox predicts that humans will be extinct in the next one hundred years. Scary thought, but is the eminent professor right?

The oldest leather shoe

June 18, 2010
What is 1,000 years older than the pyramids of and 400 years older than Stonehenge? Don't try, you won't guess: an old shoe.

Problems with balls

June 11, 2010
Every four years three things happen: Word Cup starts, a new ball is born, players criticize it. Now science confirmed that players should be listened.
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