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ALMA spots shadow of molecular outflow from quasar when universe was less than 1 billion years old

February 2, 2024
Theoretical predictions have been confirmed with the discovery of an outflow of molecular gas from a quasar when the universe was less than a billion years old.

UN confirms 48.8 degrees as Europe's highest ever temperature

January 31, 2024
A temperature of 48.8 degrees Celsius recorded on the Italian island of Sicily two years ago is the hottest ever seen in Europe, the United Nations\' weather agency said Tuesday.

Cosmic building blocks of life discovered through the electron microscope

January 30, 2024
A team of researchers has examined the Winchcombe meteorite and demonstrated the existence in it of nitrogen compounds such as amino acids and heterocyclic hydrocarbons without applying any chemical treatment and by using a new type of detector design.

Amelia Earhart's aircraft believed to be found by unconventional team of experts

January 30, 2024
After an extensive deep-water search, a talented group of underwater archaeologists and marine robotics experts have unveiled a sonar image that may answer the greatest modern mystery, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

New data, same appearance for black hole M87*

January 29, 2024
Nearly five years ago, a team of astronomers gave the world its first ever glimpse of a black hole.

Japan's space agency says lunar probe begins functioning

January 29, 2024
Japan\'s lunar probe, which was switched off after its moon touchdown earlier as its solar cells failed to generate electricity from the sun, has started functioning, the country\'s space agency said on Monday.

Scientists develop ultrafast hydrogen leak detection

January 27, 2024
As the spread of eco-friendly hydrogen cars increases, the importance of hydrogen sensors is also on the rise.

Ingenuity Mars helicopter mission ends after 72 flights

January 26, 2024
NASA has declared the end of the mission for the Ingenuity Mars helicopter after 72 flights, exceeding even the most optimistic expectations.

Hubble finds water vapor in small exoplanet's atmosphere

January 26, 2024
Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observed the smallest exoplanet where water vapor has been detected in its atmosphere.

Webb Telescope captures massive star-forming complex

January 25, 2024
This image from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope features an H II region in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way.

Doomsday Clock remains at 90 seconds to midnight

January 24, 2024
The symbolic Doomsday Clock was held at 90 seconds to midnight on Tuesday, reflecting existential threats to humanity posed by potential nuclear escalation from the war in Ukraine and the multiplying impacts of the climate crisis following Earth\'s hottest recorded year.

MeerKAT uncovers mysterious object in Milky Way

January 24, 2024
An international team of astronomers have found a new and unknown object in the Milky Way that is heavier than the heaviest neutron stars known and yet simultaneously lighter than the lightest black holes known.
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