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1,000 free trees available to Rhode Island residents this autumn

September 9, 2021
The Department of Environmental Management (DEM), in partnership with the RI Tree Council, RI Nursery and Landscape Association, and the Arbor Day Foundation, is providing 1,000 free trees to Rhode Island residents this autumn.

Government officials bad at math make bad evacuation orders

September 8, 2021
New research suggests that emergency management officials often do not have the numeracy skills needed to make the best decisions which residents to evacuate during a hurricane and when to make the decision.

Astronomers explain origin of elusive ultradiffuse galaxies

September 7, 2021
As their name suggests, ultradiffuse galaxies, or UDGs, are dwarf galaxies whose stars are spread out over a vast region, resulting in extremely low surface brightness, making them very difficult to detect.

Russia to set up permafrost surveillance system

September 6, 2021
Russia\'s President Vladimir Putin announced at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok that before the end of 2021, the country should have a national permafrost monitoring system.

Stellar collision triggers supernova explosion

September 3, 2021
Astronomers have found dramatic evidence that a black hole or neutron star spiraled its way into the core of a companion star and caused that companion to explode as a supernova.

Bristol manuscript fragments of Merlin among oldest of their kind

September 2, 2021
Medieval manuscript fragments discovered in Bristol that tell part of the story of Merlin the magician, one of the most famous characters from Arthurian legend, have been identified by academics from the Universities of Bristol and Durham as some of the earliest surviving examples of that section of the narrative.

Over 30% of tree species threatened by extinction

September 1, 2021
At least a third of tree species worldwide are at risk of extinction.

Cold planets exist throughout galaxy

August 31, 2021
Although thousands of planets have been discovered in the Milky Way, most reside less than a few thousand light years from Earth.

Oldest genome from Wallacea shows unknown ancient human relations

August 30, 2021
The oldest genome of a modern human from the Wallacea region, the islands between western Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, indicates a previously undescribed ancient human relationship.

Unraveling mystery of brown dwarfs

August 27, 2021
Brown dwarfs are astronomical objects with masses between those of planets and stars.

China announces massive greening plan to achieve carbon goals

August 25, 2021
China plans to plant 500 million mu (about 33.33 million hectares) of forests and grasslands in the next five years to help achieve its carbon emission reduction goals, according to the country\'s forestry authorities.

Researchers to use Alaska Communications submarine cable to detect earthquakes

August 25, 2021
Alaska Communications is collaborating with the University of Michigan’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences to allow earthquake monitoring data to be collected from the ocean floor via the company’s subsea fiber optic cable.
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