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Archaeologists find 'lost' monastery ruled by Queen of Mercia

August 24, 2021
The discovery of an Anglo-Saxon monastery in Berkshire, unearthed this summer by archaeologists, gives unique insight into the life of one of the most powerful women of the Early Middle Ages and her likely final resting place.

Chemical analysis: Stonehenge's rocks are virtually indestructible

August 23, 2021
The first extensive examination of samples obtained straight from one of Stonehenge\'s megaliths to uncover the geological and chemical structure of the stone was done by researchers from the University of Brighton, UK.

Aliens could build megastructures around black holes, scientists say

August 23, 2021
While some scientists strive to discover whether alien civilisations might exist somewhere in the depths of space, a team of researchers led by astronomer Tiger Yu-Yang Hsiao from the National Tsing Hua University is looking into a very specific type of potential martian building project.

Rain falls on peak of Greenland ice cap for first time, temperature 18C

August 21, 2021
Rain has fallen on the summit of Greenland’s ice cap for the first time on record.

Baby bats babble like humans

August 20, 2021
Scientists who systematically eavesdropped on bat roosts in Costa Rica have discovered baby-bat babbling bears a striking resemblance to that of human infants.

Most detailed images of galaxies revealed

August 19, 2021
Astronomers have published the most detailed images seen of galaxies beyond our own yet, revealing their inner workings in unprecedented detail.

Tree rings confirm unprecedented central Asia warming

August 18, 2021
A relatively new way of analyzing tree rings has allowed researchers to reconstruct temperatures in Mongolia since 1269 C.E.

Third Hungarian satellite launched

August 18, 2021
The third Hungarian nano-satellite was launched at the Guayana Space Center, in French Guayana, early on Tuesday, astronomer László Kiss told public television M1.

Traces of Ceres' icy crust found at occator crater

August 17, 2021
Anomalies in the distribution of hydrogen at Occator crater on the dwarf planet Ceres reveal an icy crust, says a new paper led by Tom Prettyman, a Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute.

July warmest month ever recorded

August 16, 2021
July 2021 was the warmest month ever recorded, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said on Friday as concerns continue to mount over the ravaging effects of climate change.

NASA spacecraft provides insight into asteroid Bennu's future orbit

August 12, 2021
In a study released Wednesday, NASA researchers used precision-tracking data from the agency\'s Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft to better understand movements of the potentially hazardous asteroid Bennu through the year 2300, significantly reducing uncertainties related to its future orbit, and improving scientists\' ability to determine the total impact probability and predict orbits of other asteroids.

Archaeologists reveal origins of famous Stone Age monument

August 11, 2021
Archaeologists from the Universities of Manchester and Cardiff have discovered the origins of Arthur\'s Stone, one of the UK\'s most famous Stone Age monuments.
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