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Astronomers detect oldest black hole ever observed

January 24, 2024
Researchers have discovered the oldest black hole ever observed, dating from the dawn of the universe, and found that it is \'eating\' its host galaxy.

North America's first people may have arrived by sea ice highway 24,000 years ago

January 22, 2024
One of the hottest debates in archaeology is how and when humans first arrived in North America.

Rosneft creates Russia’s largest genome base

January 22, 2024
The initiative of the Russian company Rosneft to read genomes of 100,000 Russians made it possible to perform sequencing of more than 25,000 samples since 2022 and collect the largest human genome base in Russia, according to the presentation of the project.

Iran launches Sorayya satellite

January 21, 2024
Iran on Saturday announced the successful launch of a satellite into the highest orbit yet amid escalating tension with the West over its ballistic missile program.\r\n

European crew arrives at ISS on private mission

January 21, 2024
An all-European crew including Turkey\'s first astronaut arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday on a voyage chartered by Axiom Space.\r\n

NASA regains contact with mini helicopter on Mars

January 21, 2024
NASA has re-established contact with its tiny helicopter on Mars, NASA said on Saturday, after an unexpected outage prompted fears that the hard-working craft had finally met its end.

Japan became fifth country to land on moon

January 19, 2024
Japan has become the fifth country to land a craft on the moon, but problems with its solar panels mean the mission hangs in the balance.

Japan's Moon Sniper attempts historic lunar landing

January 19, 2024
Japan\'s Moon Sniper spacecraft is preparing to make a historic lunar touchdown using pinpoint technology the country hopes will lead to success where many have failed.

Sweden reports coldest temperature in decades

January 17, 2024
Sweden experienced its coldest weather in 58 years after a village in the country\'s north reported a record low temperature.

U.S. moon lander Peregrine to burn up in Earth's atmosphere

January 17, 2024
The lunar lander developed by American private company Astrobotic Technology, dubbed Peregrine, is heading back toward Earth and is scheduled to burn up in the atmosphere, according to NASA.

Discovery of second ultra-large structure in distant space

January 16, 2024
The discovery of a second ultra-large structure in the remote universe has further challenged some of the basic assumptions about cosmology.

Quiet supersonic aircraft pilot model launched

January 16, 2024
NASA has launched an experimental airplane, a precursor to a new generation of commercial aircraft that can travel faster than the speed of sound.
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