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Scientists found over 90 volcanoes under Antarctica

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A group of researchers from the University of Edinburgh found 91 volcanoes hidden beneath the ice cover in the western part of Antarctica.

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According to geologists, the volcanic belt may be the largest on the planet, the Guardian writes.

"We were shocked, we did not expect to find such a number of volcanoes in Western Antarctica, which is three times the expected," said Robert Bingham, an expert on glaciers, before researchers in the region found 47 volcanoes under a 2-kilometer ice blanket, with a height of 100 to 3,850 meters.

"We believe there is a high probability that the volcano concentration in this region is the largest in the world - even more than in the east of Africa "Bingham said.

It is to be determined what is the state of those volcanoes and whether they are active or not.

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