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Sweden set incredible new wind record: 106.93 miles per hour

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Sweden measured its highest wind speeds since records began as a powerful storm swept through the northern regions.

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National weather institute SMHI measured average wind speeds of 172.08 kilometres per hour (47.8 metres per second, 106.93 miles per hour) at its weather station in Stekenjokk, in the mountains near the border to Norway, on Wednesday evening. It is the highest average wind speed since records began in 1951.

“The average wind speed of a storm is 25 metres per second (90 km/h). It is then hard to walk upright. If you imagine stronger winds than that you understand how powerful this is,” SMHI meteorologist Elisabeth Saarnak told the Aftonbladet tabloid.

The previous record was set in November 2013, also at Stekenjokk, 169.2 km/h. The strongest single gust of wind recorded was also at Stekenjokk, on the same day, which swept past at an impressive 201.6 km/h.

The storm was expected to subside on Thursday, but SMHI kept a class-one weather warning in place for western Jämtland, western Norrbotten and Västerbotten counties, downgraded from class two.

It has been a record-breaking winter for Sweden. The highest-ever wave in the Baltic Sea was recorded earlier this month, it broke its wind power record in December, had its warmest New Year's Eve on record and Stockholm had its snowiest November day in 111 years.

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