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World on 'catastrophic pathway' to hit 2.7 degree temperature rise

September 19, 2021
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres issued a dire warning on Friday, saying the world is on a "catastrophic pathway" to surpass negotiated caps on temperature increases meant to mitigate the ravages of climate change.

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World on 'catastrophic pathway' to hit 2.7 degree temperature rise

China completes manned mission for space station construction

China completes manned mission for space station construction

September 17, 2021
Three Chinese astronauts, the first sent to orbit for space station construction, have completed their three month mission and returned to Earth safely on Sept 17.

Astrophysicists identify large reservoirs of precursor molecules necessary for life

September 16, 2021
Analysis of unique fingerprints in light emitted from material surrounding young stars has revealed "significant reservoirs" of large organic molecules necessary to form the basis of life, say researchers.

Natural cycles in Gulf of Alaska accentuate ocean acidification

September 15, 2021
New research at the University of Alaska Fairbanks shows that the fluctuations of major wind and ocean circulation systems can temporarily accelerate or reverse the rate of ocean acidification in the Gulf of Alaska.

Rerun of supernova blast expected to appear in 2037

September 14, 2021
It's challenging to make predictions, especially in astronomy.

70 percent increase in atmospheric hydrogen

September 10, 2021
Earth system scientists at UCI studied air trapped in compacted layers of Antarctic ice and snow to come up with some answers and a few new questions about the amount of molecular hydrogen in our planet's atmosphere.

Astronauts smell smoke, burning on Russia's ISS module

September 9, 2021
A smoke alarm sounded Thursday in Russia's segment of the International Space Station (ISS) and astronauts smelled "burning" on board, Russia's space agency and NASA said.

1,000 free trees available to Rhode Island residents this autumn

September 9, 2021
The Department of Environmental Management (DEM), in partnership with the RI Tree Council, RI Nursery and Landscape Association, and the Arbor Day Foundation, is providing 1,000 free trees to Rhode Island residents this autumn.

Government officials bad at math make bad evacuation orders

September 8, 2021
New research suggests that emergency management officials often do not have the numeracy skills needed to make the best decisions which residents to evacuate during a hurricane and when to make the decision.

Astronomers explain origin of elusive ultradiffuse galaxies

September 7, 2021
As their name suggests, ultradiffuse galaxies, or UDGs, are dwarf galaxies whose stars are spread out over a vast region, resulting in extremely low surface brightness, making them very difficult to detect.
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