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World Heritage Sites list published by Unesco

June 22, 2021
The Great Barrier Reef could be the first World Heritage Site to be listed as being "in danger" mainly due to climate change.

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World Heritage Sites list published by Unesco

Hubble data confirms galaxies lacking dark matter

Hubble data confirms galaxies lacking dark matter

June 18, 2021
The most accurate distance measurement yet of ultra-diffuse galaxy (UDG) NGC1052-DF2 (DF2) confirms beyond any shadow of a doubt that it is lacking in dark matter.

China and Russia to launch 6 lunar missions in 2021-2025 to build international Moon base

June 17, 2021
China and Russia are planning to launch six missions within the preparatory stage of building an international Moon base, Pei Zhaoyu, deputy director of the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), said during the GLEX-2021 conference on Wednesday.

Brazil signs space exploration Artemis Accords

June 16, 2021
Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken delivered virtual remarks to congratulate Brazil on signing the Artemis Accords.

Debris from China's Long March rocket reenters atmosphere

June 15, 2021
The debris from the last stage of China's Long March-7 Y3 carrier rocket reentered the atmosphere at 4:49 pm on June 15 (Beijing Time), the China Manned Space Agency said (CMSA).

Dark matter slowing spin of Milky Way's galactic bar

June 15, 2021
The spin of the Milky Way's galactic bar, which is made up of billions of clustered stars, has slowed by about a quarter since its formation, according to a new study by researchers at University College London (UCL) and the University of Oxford.

Canaries set off immune response when they see another sick bird

June 14, 2021
A team of researchers from Oklahoma State University, the University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Arkansas has found that the mere sight of sick birds of their own kind is enough to set off an immune response in healthy canaries.

Pacific islanders likely found Antarctica first

June 14, 2021
Polynesian seafarers likely reached Antarctica hundreds of years before the Western explorers usually credited with discovering the frozen continent, a new study has concluded.

Deforestation in Amazon reaches record high in May

June 13, 2021
Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest rose for the third consecutive month in May, government data showed on Friday.

Researchers discover planet that might have clouds made of water

June 11, 2021
A new planet resembling Neptune could help us better understand far-away planetary systems, as well as our own, according to NASA.
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